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Compliments by Region

Donna Wilson:
Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

As lawyers who have handled a wide variety of complex class action litigation, we would not think of using anyone other than CAA.

Spencer Lempert:
ITOCHU International Inc.

I have rarely worked with an organization as helpful, responsive, attentive to detail and timely in the performance of their services as Class Action Administration, Inc. (CAA).

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JND Class Action Administration LLC

JND’s Class Action Administration LLC has been delivering premier services with excellent results to clients nationwide for 15 years. Voted Best Claims Administrator five years in a row, CAA is proud to be trusted by law firms and Fortune 500 companies to manage their settlements with the utmost integrity.

  • Icon image of a white treasure map with directions to x marks the spot representing pre-settlement consulting.


    CAA can creatively resolve many administrative challenges using the insight gained from handling hundreds of class action cases. We provide FourThoughtSM, a consultative service that creates a roadmap for effective settlement administration based on our experience and the published book,
    The Four FactorsSM. Contact CAA for a FourThoughtSM session before settlement terms are finalized.


  • White outline of a mail envelope on a red background representing notification services.


    Effectively notifying class members is the single most influential factor in determining class participation rates. CAA is well-versed in many notification methods. Our expertise in the design and implementation of class-friendly notice programs provides clients with creative and cost-sensitive options. Our websites are created quickly and look professional. We also take care of all published media notices.


  • White outline of a paper form on a red background representing claims processing services.


    We consult with attorneys to design the optimal approach for filing and processing claims. Our forms are complete, easy to understand, and request comprehensive information. When combined with efficient processing, the result is accurate and timely claims processing - one of CAA's greatest strengths.


  • White united states dollar symbol representing benefit disbursement services.


    CAA has disbursed nearly a billion dollars in settlement benefits in a wide variety of forms: checks, wages, credits, gift cards, vouchers and electronic benefits. CAA’s analysts develop the necessary computer programs to implement these allocation methodologies. We routinely serve as escrow agent, manage all necessary tax reporting, and provide account reconciliation.



CAA’s team of professionals is passionate about providing outstanding service to our clients and class members. The dedication of our project teams allows us to focus on the details of each case and provide consistently superior service. Our clients testify to CAA’s consistently excellent results. Compliments


Having your calls answered by a person seems to be a thing of the past; enjoy the refreshing experience of real people at your service. We listen to your needs. We timely respond to your emails with concise answers. Our Rocky Mountain location enables us to cover critical business hours for all time zones.


From initial discussions with clients to case wrap-ups, we employ the experience gained from hundreds of class settlements to identify creative solutions to address case-specific challenges. Our clients frequently compliment CAA for identifying “outside the box” options. Let us help solve your challenges.


Integrity means always doing the right thing. At CAA, this starts during the proposal process when we are forthright and provide accurate, comprehensive cost estimates. During a project, integrity is demonstrated through consistently meeting deadlines. Our clients repeatedly use CAA because they trust us.

Click on the links below for descriptions of settlements CAA has administered, arranged by case type. Contact CAA to learn more about how we can assist you with your next class action settlement.

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